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RYMING With Your Essence eBook

RYMING With Your Essence eBook

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This eBook will guide you into a deeper understanding of what we do at RYME, provide support context and information about our offerings and is sprinkled with practices, reflections and prompts you can do today! 

A lot of women are stuck in a pattern of “over” giving and “under” receiving. In a way, it’s in our nature. As women, our bodies are designed to give and sustain life. At the dawn of humanity, our primary role was to create and nourish life while men hunted, protected, and provided. One could say these characteristics are deeply embedded in our DNA. Fast forward to the present day, and things have shifted dramatically. Women are now active in the workforce and face the same stressors as men, but often carry the subconscious burden of this ancient pattern.

In today’s world, we may not excel at creating space for ourselves. Women strive to manage everything and live up to immense expectations, often self-imposed. We aim to please others instead of prioritizing ourselves. Why do we block our own needs instead of seeking support, sharing the load, and asking for help? Why not put ourselves first?

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