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holistic retreats

harmonizing your mind, body and soul

"The retreat far-exceeded my expectations - I was honestly taken aback with how powerful it was. Despite how 'normal' we may perceive we are - there is deep work to be done for all of us. RYME makes it happen by softly and gently leading you down the path. You will leave refreshed, empowered, and so much lighter in mind, body and spirit!" 

"The retreat is so much more that what many may call a 'retreat.' The practices Hanna and Loes facilitated opened us to digging deep, letting things come up, and exploring those feelings. My sensitivities were supported by everyone. There was so much giving and receiving, validating and growth. We didn't feel pushed, things just came up naturally. I feel stronger and clearer and more capable of listening and RYMING with myself!

"Hanna and Loes are a match made in heaven." 

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