RYME coaching creates a space for us to understand each person and their systems, their challenges, coping mechanisms, behavioral patterns, and belief systems, and blockages from a personalized point of view. Through our unique combination of modalities, many of our clients have experienced deeper work, with more ease, than with years of traditional therapy.

Experiencing EMDR, somatic release, hypnotherapy, nervous system regulation, our RYME coaching clients are supported, 1-1 to deep understanding, release, and transformation.


  • Constant and reliable support + guidance  
  • Personalized practices and teachings 
  • Space to take care of yourself 
  • Getting to know your system with depth and understanding 
  • Live & recorded (optionally) materials 
  • Effective conversation + coaching 
  • Modalities that are proven to work // science based, ancient roots
  • Doing what works // it's easy, fun & real
  • A safe framework for deep play and light work