RYME offers a variety of support on your journey of self exploration. From (semi) private and group retreats, online and onsite coaching to online products including recorded modalities and live workshops.

All of our products have one thing in common: they are RYMEY AF. That means we simplify complex concepts into bite-sized pieces to digest with ease. We blend our modalities within all of our offerings.

Think medicinal movement, hypnotherapy, somatic release, nervous system regulation (poly vagal), EMDR, and more.

Our unique blends offer something different than your average retreat or therapeutic experience.

You will experience ease and support exactly where you are on your journey.


RYMING is about living authentically and purposefully, and recognizing the harmony of our bodies and environment. It's about acknowledging our feelings, simplifying our truth, and acting accordingly. It involves seeing the bigger picture by expanding our awareness while also tuning into our breath, our present moment. The beauty of RYMING is that you can start today, exactly as you are, taking small steps at a time, with our support. It's about learning, adapting, and growing with ease and honoring your wholeness along the way.

About the RYME Duo: Hanna + Loes

One of the greatest skills of both a social worker and school teacher is the ability to build trust and rapport within the community. To show up with love and clarity. And to create space for the other to be right where they are. To learn and grow from their individual baseline and feel they are not lacking, but in fact, already whole. With our shared professional backgrounds, along with years of formal training across many modalities, working with hundreds of clients all over the world and personal experience doing the work, RYMING with ourselves and each other on a daily basis, is what makes us a unique dynamic to work with. Other retreats and coaching containers are beautiful in their own way, but this combination creates a truly transformative and therapeutic program when RYMING with the RYME duo.

Our journey began in a Portuguese surf house in 2019. Instantly, we knew we were destined to collaborate and make a difference together. Late nights were spent dreaming and sharing visions, while our travels brought encounters with strangers captivated by our energy. Conversations flowed effortlessly, revealing deep truths and creating a sense of belonging. "We should start a podcast," we joked, as stories poured out from those around us. It was clear: our bond was creating a space for authentic connection and profound conversations. Years later, we realize the cosmic alignment that brought us here, ready to embark on this journey with you.

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