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How does RYME differ from other self-exploration and wellness programs?

RYME stands out by blending a variety of therapeutic modalities into its offerings and focusing on simplifying complex concepts. This unique approach ensures ease and support, whether you’re a self-exploration newbie or already have a deep awareness of what you need. RYME offers a variety of services so you can choose what works for you, now! With 1-1 coaching, global retreats and online access via the RYME app, you have many choices in how to work with RYME.

What are the benefits of RYME coaching compared to traditional therapy?

RYME coaching integrates various therapeutic modalities, offering a holistic approach that often leads to deeper work with more ease than traditional therapy. It provides constant support, personalized practices, and a framework for both deep play and light work.

How do I book a retreat or coaching session?

You can book a retreat or coaching session through our website. Simply select the offering you’re interested in, follow the booking instructions, and complete the payment process. You can always email our team at!

How do I choose the right RYME coaching package for me? How do I start today?

Choosing the right RYME coaching package depends on your personal goals, current level of self-awareness, and preferred learning style. We recommend a free intro call with us. During this call, we can discuss your needs, challenges, and aspirations to help you select the coaching package that fits best.

Can I combine RYME coaching with other forms of therapy?

Yes, you can combine RYME coaching with other forms of therapy. Many of our clients find that integrating RYME coaching with traditional therapy enhances their overall progress and well-being. We are experienced in working alongside other therapeutic approaches and can tailor the coaching to complement your existing treatment plan.

Can I participate in RYME retreats or coaching if I have no prior experience with self-exploration practices?

Absolutely! RYME is designed to support individuals at all stages of their self-exploration journey, whether you are a complete beginner or have extensive experience. Our programs simplify complex concepts into manageable steps, ensuring that everyone can benefit from our offerings.

Can I participate in a surf retreat if I don’t have any experience surfing?

Yes! Whether you’re new to surfing or an experienced surfer, our surf retreats are designed to accommodate all levels. If you decide not to surf at all, we offer alternative therapeutic practices tailored to your needs and comfort level.

What is included in the RYME Recorded content? And can I access it offline?

RYME Recorded content includes accessible and simple courses and tracks available via audio and video. The content covers various modalities such as somatic release, yoga, sleep meditations, hypnotherapy, nervous system regulation, bilateral & binaural sonic support, and more. Yes! Our app content can be downloaded and used offline!

How do I know if RYME is right for me?

RYME is right for you if you are seeking a holistic, supportive, and simplified approach to self-exploration and personal growth. If you resonate with the idea of blending various therapeutic modalities, value 1-1 support with authentic and personable coaches, and are committed to deepening your connection with yourself, RYME can be a valuable resource on your journey. Still in doubt? You can schedule a free consultation call with us.