Unlike other wellness retreats, with RYME, your journey begins before you show up.

Through our unique approach, we get to know you before you arrive, support you personally during the retreat, and provide you ongoing guidance as you reintegrate into your post-retreat routine.

  • Pre Retreat

    Once you book your spot, you start RYMING right away! You will receive our RYME baseline form and links to 2 RYME calls so we can get to know you and assess your needs and dreams for your retreat! This helps us to create a customized plan for you and weave it with the energy of the group, to create a personalized yet community-feel flow.

    We will also support you with information and travel logistics to help you get to us, wherever in the world you decide to RYME!

  • Retreat

    During the retreat, you will experience 100% presence from Hanna & Loes in a safe and serene setting, option for one-on-one sessions, a variety of therapeutic modalities (listed below) and a true sense of connection & community.

    Modalities include, but are not limited to: yoga, meditation, nervous system regulation practices, awareness practices, energy work, EMDR session, regression therapy.

  • Post Retreat

    Post retreat, we stay in community (virtually) and support your re-integration through 2 more RYME calls and continued access to our online community.

    Leaving a transformational experience and re-entering your routine may feel like a "come down," but it doesn't have to! We support you every step of this journey to ensure your sense of wholeness remains connected.