After years of working with hundreds of people from all over the world through RYME retreats, 1-1 coaching, classes and workshops, we have truly learned what works. It’s basic, yet brilliant. So we decided to record a few of our most effective practices and themes for you to access anytime, anywhere.

Through downloading our free app, you will have access to our library of cohesive coursework and simple stand-alone recordings (audio and video) including somatic release, yoga, sleep meditations, hypnotherapy, nervous system regulation, bilateral & binaural sonic support, so you can learn to learn to RYME and be more you.

You will hear the soothing voices of RYME co-founders, the duo facilitators, Hanna and Loes, as they guide you through the various modalities described above.

Trust Bundle

Trust Connect
RYME Trust Connect recording focuses on your existing pathways to the trust which live inside your subconscious system. Through RYME medicinal movement, you will connect with your body on a deeper level, opening the body gently and softly and enhancing your ability to surrender to the hypnosis where you explore the existing connection to trust you have with yourself. The recording provided a grounded feeling of trust, space and peace.

Trust Release
RYME Trust Release recording focuses on the emotional (unconscious) blocks you might embody, which are in the way of experiencing or enhancing your trust in your daily life. Through RYME medicinal movement, you will connect and soften your body to be able to allow the blocked emotions to come up and effectively release emotions and rewrite your patterns with the support of bilateral frequencies. The recording provided a deep sense of connection to self and emotional spaciousness and release.

Trust Enhance
The RYME Trust Enhance recording is designed to effectively connect you to your trust and enhance the feeling that is already there, using effective body postures to move your nervous system into a state of confidence and connection. The soundscape is designed to guide you into your feelings of trust and ease. Through embodied movement and visualization, you will connect with the existing pathways to trust and enhance your neural networks. The recording enhances your experience of trust in an effective and practical way.

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7 Tips for Effective Release

Through this course of 7 sections, you will learn about the effectiveness, benefits and research behind each of the themes. Sections include: deep breathing, connecting to body, relaxing and release, power of visualization, the touch tool, harmonizing the heart and medicinaal movement (which includes a 20 min yoga flow!) Through both audio and video practices, you will learn a variety of tools to effectively release what is no longer working and create space to be more you. 

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