Words on Wholeness: A Client's Perspective

Words on Wholeness: A Client's Perspective

We wanted to honor space here for a RYME retreater's words on wholeness. We are grateful to them for choosing to share these heartfelt verses with the amazing RYME community.

our wholeness includes both the dark and the light

we are all of our parts

our flaws

our mistakes

our victories

our challenges

we are our secrets with the stars and our naked honesty

we are our arguments and patience

we are our great love stories and our fleeting romances

we are our belly laughs and silent cries

we are our jealously and envy but we are also our generosity and care

we are deeply our past as much as we are our present

to embrace our wholeness is not to cast a shadow over the parts we don’t love as much, it is

to invite them into the light with the rest of us

to learn from our own story

to accept all the tiny pieces that make us, us

when we let go of the tension and struggle to hide these parts we simultaneously make

more space

more space to grow & learn

more space to move our energy in this earthly form with more ease

we start to invite in the kind of energy from others that we deserve, not merely accept

we start to intentionally flow with the ups // downs of life in a less extreme way

we create balance

we accept love

we give love

we protect our energy from people who are not on the same journey by giving back what is not ours to hold

and as we start to accept our wholeness, things continue to align

new paths // opportunities appear

by slowing down, we allow ourselves the space to breathe, to look up, to listen to the universe

and our own intuition

when you can calm the mind, clarity flows

creativity flows

sparks are ignited and you are more closely tied to the present moment

the concern of what happens tomorrow is quelled by knowing you are in the right place today

unraveling deeply engrained patterns isn’t easy but it’s a choice

a lifelong effort to undo parts of us that no longer serve where we are going

little by little, it is easier to shine your light and radiate your energy to the world

allow yourself grace and love as you uncover sides of your being you didn’t even know existed.

be you, love you, be whole

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