Why You Should Practice Yoga in Costa Rica

Why You Should Practice Yoga in Costa Rica

Over the years, Costa Rica has been a top destination for yoga in all forms. Retreats, trainings, workshops, classes. You name it, CR has got it.

After living here a year, the reality continues to sink in that monkeys and toucans are the natural playlist (on repeat) and sunset pinks and purples are the built-in decor backdrop for yoga classes & retreats. In addition to the guaranteed natural beauty, there are a few reasons practicing yoga in Costa Rica just feels so right.

Deep Breaths Are Easy

Chances are if you made it to Costa Rica, you have some time and space for yourself. You can exhale, and take a step back from your day to day, see things from a different perspective & start to feel a lightness in your chest. And the ecosystem supports that. With dense jungle in every corner, Costa Rica also has some of the cleanest air in the world and your body will know it and feel it. So when you hear your teacher say, take a deep breath in, your lungs instantly expand with excitement. And breathwork will nourish your body like no other.

Pura Vida Vibes

It’s not only the country’s motto but it's their way of life and you can feel it! It can mean everything from that meal was delicious, no problem, everything’s perfect, I’m thriving, to the waves are amazing today! It’s so commonly used as an expression that it truly has seeped into the way of life. This type of mentality creates a laid back culture of ease, acceptance and go-with-the flow-ness. And that vibe is so conducive to a yoga practice. As you enjoy the vibrational energy of your surrounding community you will surely go deep into raising your own vibration within your practice.

Natural Rhythms

Early to bed, early to rise. It’s a concept that is foreign to most of us in today’s world but in Costa Rica it’s the natural norm. Especially in more rural, authentic areas, there is not much ‘to do’ after the sun sets. Surfers shuffle out of the waves as dusk falls and the jungle sounds are about the only thing that comes to life at night. The sun rises around 5 am (give or take a few depending on the time of the year) and by 8 am you are feeling like it’s noon day sun. Your circadian rhythms will be singing and you will feel aligned with the natural cycles of your body. Suddenly, you will know which phase the moon is in and when the tide is high or low because with alignment comes attention.

The list (could) go on and on… but for now, we leave with you this.

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