Why All RYME Retreats Have a Fluid "Schedule"

Why All RYME Retreats Have a Fluid "Schedule"

One of the most beautiful moments of our first RYME retreat, in January of 2022, was the welcome dinner. As everyone went around the table, sharing about how the heck they ended up here, the conversation shifted and one person asked...

“so.. what exactly are we doing this week?”

A similar curiosity spread across the faces at the table as it dawned on everyone, one by one, no one had even asked about the details of a daily schedule before arriving. We remember remarking about how beautiful that was and with tears in our eyes, it became true for us that every person there had such a deep level of trust in us, in our process and within their own intuition that despite all the communication during each intake process, no one had really needed to know “what they were going to do” during their RYME retreat.

Since then, we have had people ask us for some sort of daily schedule. Of course!!! What a normal, human thing to do. Totally understandable.

And also, every part of the RYME retreat program is intentional. The fact that we “don’t have a daily schedule” is intentional.

Here’s why.

One of the main reasons people join a RYME retreat is because of a desire to recycle unsupportive patterns into supportive ones. To become aware of those patterns, sometimes we need to dive into the unknown a little bit. Shake things up. See a different point of view, Create space and release tension. Open up the body and mind.

A very common pattern we see is the perception of needing to control. Again, it’s a normal, human response. We play with this perspective in many ways, and one way is to release a bit of control by creating a little unknown, all within a safe framework and environment.

Because, the reality is, life is full of the unknown. It’s actually only unknown, but we like to think we are in control. And this can lead to stuckeness, tension, rigid and limited thoughts, lack of creativity, closedness …and so much more.. (que recycling all of that old shit!!)

Our systems are always in search of harmony (again perceived control). It is in a constant state of finding logic and reason, even within chaos. That is a pretty cool feature which is subconsciously fixed yet it’s not always the most supportive or constructive. Our subconscious system usually goes for what is easy (again control here), what will cost the least amount of energy and most likely it will be a version of what has already “been proven to work” in the past. But most people who come to us don’t want to just do what has worked in the past to survive. They are ready to expand + thrive.

So, in order to truly RYME, we not only need to let go of what may have “worked for us” in the past, and need to deepen our awareness of our patterns, we also need to create space for more trust.

Trust in yourself, trust in the other, trust in our process.

Trust to lean back into being (and experience less doing).

Trust to receive from those around you (and take a break from giving).

Trust in slowing down to feel what is really there (your wholeness).

Trust to surrender to the unknown (because that is where the beauty lies).

Trust to let go of the old (and create space for the new).

Trust in enjoying little moments with ultimate presence (because you deserve it).

RYMING is intention interaction with flow. It’s you and the outside world. It’s how you are able to move with what is happening around you. It’s how you are able to keep your system calm and steady when the wind is howling and waves are crashing. It’s being aware of if you're knees are soft or are they locked?

When you are able to trust yourself, to move with your energy and to understand your needs in each moment, the more you are able to adjust your reactions with the outside world with more ease and soft knees.

Of course we always have your back!

Because of our personalized and intentional intake process, we will know you and your needs before you arrive to your RYME retreat. The information you share with us during your intake process allows us to move with your energy and the energy of the group, in each moment. We all are a mosaic of our past experiences (and of our ancestors). Each group will influence each other and a dynamic will unfold naturally. And for us to be present with that beautiful unfolding, we create wide open spaces (with intentional behind the scenes frameworks) for you to fall into trust and truly embody RYME.

To personally experience the liberation of the anti-schedule, reserve your spot on a transformative RYME Yoga & Surf Retreat today!

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