Why a RYME With Surf Retreat is Unique

Why a RYME With Surf Retreat is Unique

A lot of surf schools will focus on the movements your body needs to make and also an understanding of the ocean. These are important parts of learning how to surf.

We do the same. And, we focus on your internal systems, beliefs, patterns, and conditioning. You as a person and the way you understand and also move with your system. Your body and system will be moved by your interaction with the board and the extreme circumstances of the ocean: waves, currents, wind, etc. Your nervous system will be activated, you will get triggered, you will be faced with your subconscious belief systems. Your body will react, to keep you safe, often with patterns rooted deeply within. When we embrace and experience surfing through this lens, it can become an amazing mirror and teacher. It's holistic and integrated.

Through our program, you will gain awareness of all these things happening as you RYME your internal world with the external. You will feel more space to respond (vs react) and learn to surf with more ease and harmony. You will create new pathways to take what you have learned into your life (both on and off the board).

Like it or not, the ocean will reflect your present reality. This is why we approach surf as a self awareness practice. So we choose to embrace the inevitable and use this to explore within through the learning or continuation of surf. Whether you are an absolute beginner or an advanced surfer, our program will teach you how to use your system more effectively and with more awareness while interacting RYMING with your internal and external worlds.

1. We offer a personalized program for your system

We start with getting to know you through our RYME baseline calls & RYME baseline form. These tools support us to understand your needs & how you want to RYME with your life. You also receive access to our RYME basics (online) course, which we created to share simple science behind our RYME modalities. As you go through the course, you will watch videos (created by us) which weave through themes we discuss and practice together. You will also receive meditations, journal prompts & simple practices to prime your system for our retreat. As you learn to RYME, it is important to learn the influence you have over your systems.

Once you arrive, we really get into experiencing our flow. We spend our time together practicing RYME modalities in order to embody the learning that we started and connect this with what you will face during surfing. We play with our connection to ourselves and to each other, within community. And we experience energetic exchange and grow our awareness around how simple it can be to experience flow in our interactions, both within and outside of ourselves.

2. Embodied sense awareness

We will prepare your system to move with the elements with ease by diving into the challenges that you will face on the board before you touch the water. We will explore these elements together through our senses and translate them into effective practices. These practices are all related to the nervous system. We will guide you through these off shore practices for you to learn and incorporate supportive ways to respond to stressors with greater awareness and ease.

3. Surf as a mirror

We will use the challenges you face on the board as a mirror for your personal growth. All of our challenges on the board are living in our system. The core of these challenges are touching your life in other ways too. Together we will find the core beliefs of your challenge and rewire your system through therapeutic modalities to recycle, release and transform. You will experience more ease in your surf AND you will experience more space within other elements in your life too.

4. Rest & digest

Our program is designed for you to understand your system. We provide specialized physical and neural exercises for you to rest and digest, to slow down and to come back to a place of connectedness. This will benefit your surf and overall life experience too. In surfing, the activation of our nervous system will push us into similar levels of stress as a job or social situation can do. We need to learn how to calm our systems down effectively so we can move through life with more ease. Through this program we will expand our comfort zone related to the stress levels we can handle. This awareness and practice will highly benefit your surfing and your daily life too.

5. Connection & community support

We will use the strength of community. And although you will be alone on your board, surfing is so much more than that. Surfing is communicating with nature, being in tune with the elements, it will bring you inward and take you outward. The connection with nature is a big part of surfing. We are nature. You will be a part of a unique experience with others. You will grow and expand through learning from others and others learning from you. Opening up, sharing and caring for others will affect your system more than any other practice ever will.

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