RYMING With Your Essence

RYMING With Your Essence

A lot of women are stuck in a pattern of “over” giving and “under” receiving. In a way, it’s in our nature. As women our bodies are designed to give and sustain life. At one point, at the beginning of humanity, as women, our only “job” was to create and nourish life. Men were out hunting, protecting and providing. One could say these characteristics are actually in our DNA. Fast forward to the present day, and of course, things have shifted. A lot. Women are now in the workforce, in the world, facing the same stressors as men, but oftentimes with this deep seeded subconscious pattern.

In addition to this prehistoric programming, in today’s world, we may not be the best (yet) at creating this space for ourselves. Women are trying to manage it all and live up to all the expectations, often that we put on ourselves. Pleasing the masses instead of pleasing ourselves, first. And second, maybe even third.. Why do we block ourselves instead of leaning in and finding support, sharing the load, asking for help? Why not put ourselves first?

Let’s start with this: experiencing stuckness is normal.

It’s a sign that we are repeating a pattern that isn’t serving us anymore. The pattern is not aligned and it should be updated to support your new reality. Makes sense right?

This is where RYME as a lifestyle choice can support you. As a woman, when we talk about RYMING, it’s about you and your interaction with the world. How can you create a dance that aligns with you and the movements around you? The movements that trigger you into reaction.. into action. How can you find a balance between giving and receiving? How can you influence the energy you take in from the outside world and also how you give back?

That sounds pretty big right. Where to start? To be honest, the work is not easy. It can be complex and feel sticky. RYMING is not a quick fix. It’s a long term commitment and investment into influencing your systems to work in the most effective and supportive ways.

How we RYME:

RYMING is being in tune with your present reality. And your reality is always in the “now”, in this very moment. There is so much power in being in the now. Fully connected to nowness.

RYMING as a lifestyle is about conscious interaction. How it changes and how it flows. It's harmonizing your experiences past, present and future. It’s a balance of perspective, zooming in and out. Learning to use your energy effectively, and creating space for yourself. It’s a blend of effort and ease and of giving and receiving. RYMING is a holistic view and understanding of:

  • Who are you; what connects with your essence and what you need in each moment.

  • What you learned in the past; what can you recycle and update into something more effective to support your present.

  • Where you want to go; what can you implement today to create a experience that supports your tomorrow

RYMING is understanding your system deeply. Being connected. Feeling connected. So you can dance to the rhythm of life.

Through this experience we want to recognize and harmonize the challenges and strengths of being a woman in today's world.

Whether that is diving into biology, intergenerational patterns or cultural expectations, we create space to explore all the parts of our wholeness, as a woman and human being,

We will focus our modalities on embracing and embodying slowing down, being soft and creating space for ourselves. Connect with others who walk a similar path for inspiration and support to create ease and enjoyment, to journey together.

Start where you are:

We create our experiences in very personalized, authentic ways. The entire experience has been created to support you before, during and after a retreat. Through our intentional program design, we are able to get to know you and support you to RYME with your life in a more effective way.

Our program has three parts:

RYME prime

2 RYME coaching calls, access to our online course (recordings & practices to learn about and support your nervous system, brain& breath) & our online baseline form.

RYME retreat

Time on-site, with H & L where they share their RYME modalities. These include: yoga with hands-on assists, meditation, hypnotherapy, regression therapy, breath work, awareness & focus practices, energy work, community connection. And local nourishing meals.

RYME reintegration

2 coaching calls post-retreat to support your reintegration & access to our online community. We know this works. Everything we teach and share we have learned on our own. We have experienced things and then recycled our learnings into this beautiful RYME.

“Since RYMING I have learned to access my breath in moments of chaos. To slow down and reflect rather than react. And to see my practices that balance my nervous system to be non negotiables. All of this has helped me be a better leader, doctor, activist, daughter, sister, friend. Not to shy away from my light and boldness, use my voice, peace in resistance, and activism with ease.”


Why attend an all women's retreat?

Through this RYME container, you will create space for yourself in a unique way. Historically, women have always survived and thrived in community and there's a reason for that. The power of sisterhood and support provides a safe, nurturing, feminine energy where we can play, work and explore together with ease and comfort and safety. We can explore our sensitivities and then deepen into the power that stems from that. We can learn from, inspire, nourish and lift each other up.

We are intentionally creating a strong, feminine framework for this experience for you to supercharge through the power of community.


Ready to RYME?

Get in touch, we can’t wait to meet you.



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