Meet RYME Co-Founder, Loes

Meet RYME Co-Founder, Loes

" I created who I am today, with the knowledge, the experience and understanding of what I feel is one of the root causes of our suffering: being unaware. "

When we started RYME, we talked a lot about our values, our visions for our lives and what makes us happy. We decided we want to be equals to those we teach. We envisioned close connection and creating a warm and safe atmosphere.  

We came up with some phrases to support our support our journey. One of these phrases is “lead by example.” For me, this sentence helped me stay true to my own path of self discovery while building and nourishing our little baby RYME.  

We looked at what was important to us, what we’ve learned in our own personal and professional life, and used that to shape our RYME core values. 

Getting to know RYME and our methods, our practices, our connections... is getting to know me. It’s a reflection of my own journey and the way I handled my challenges. The lessons I’ve learned in my life are the foundation of my teachings today. We are always learning and evolving, so our offerings grow and mature.

My life is full of opposites and contradictions. I loved to learn, but wasn’t interested in the way they taught me in school. I read countless books and I was always at the library, but couldn’t care less about doing schoolwork.

My home was full of warmth, good intention and love and…much later I discovered, was also full of intergenerational trauma.

I was a happy kid, and I felt extremely lonely. I didn't learn how to cope with my feelings, didn’t understand how to navigate my system effectively.. and I made a lot of (unconscious) destructive decisions. Small ones and big ones. But I didn't know. I was unaware. 

Now I understand why I was the way I was. I’m an extremely curious person and I want to understand the roots of whatever I am investigating. When I'm interested in something my focus is sharp and forever lasting. When I feel it doesn’t contribute to my wholeness... I have the tendency to give up, I feel I don't care, I just cannot/ don’t want to invest my time and space. I didn't understand this pattern when I was young. I thought I was dumb and weird. Now I know when I feel disinterested, I can make a conscious decision to do it anyway and that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. 

I dove deep into my family patterns and I found root causes of my pain and suffering. The root of my pain lays in unawareness. My parents didn't understand their pain and suffering and weren’t able to access and address their struggles consciously because they were simply unaware.

Since I was very young I knew I had a purpose that was connected to guiding and supporting others in some way. As I grew older, the picture of my dream life became clearer with every pealed layer of unsupportive mechanisms and belief systems embedded in my subconscious. All of my learnings from the endless books, courses, programs, podcast, conversations supported this growth.

I created who I am today, with the knowledge, the experience and understanding of what I feel is one of the root causes of our suffering: being unaware.

Today I teach and guide others to create awareness to be able to embrace their full self, peal back the layers that are unsupportive and install new belief systems that will empower their mind to keep going on this journey of self exploration.
I teach what I feel I needed to know, what my parents deserved, and their parents, and so on.

RYME is and extension of us. It’s a reflection of our softness, our love for each other, our deep passion for contributing and creating safe spaces to connect and grow. It’s everything we are. And we are still learning, alongside of you.

It’s not about striving for perfection, but embracing the reality of the present moment as already perfect <3.


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