Divine Timing: Our Founding Story

Divine Timing: Our Founding Story

Sometimes in life, people are just destined to meet. The stars align, energy attracts and worlds collide. That’s exactly how big it felt when we met each other in 2019. We were both reading Joe Dispenza’s book. We were both solo traveling in Portugal. We were both taking a break from our lives to explore what it felt like to really trust ourselves. We were both feeling pulled into directions in our lives but were also still completing past cycles.

We are the yin to each other's yang.

Loes being a former social worker, and Hanna a former school teacher, our past professional experiences had much overlap yet came together with such different and complementary lenses. We first locked eyes in a surf house in Portugal and then basically we could stop talking for 6 weeks. We traveled together by van and explored Portugal, Spain and Morocco as well as the inner workings of our beings! We didn’t mean to at the time, but upon reflection, we were sharing so deeply with each other, supporting each other and enhancing each other in a way that has now become RYME. We were learning together, exchanging energy and “experimenting” on each other. Sharing medicinal movement, energy work, hypnotherapy which all became pillars of the therapeutic modalities we share in RYME.

This time together was precious and priceless. We were diving into trust with our full beings, and we didn’t even know it. We just felt that we had to come back together one day and continue to combine our wisdom, experience and education to make something magical happen.

Fast forward through COVID times to February of 2021, when we met again, in the jungle of Costa Rica. Where RYME came into fruition, and we created an actual framework for this dream. As Loes always says, she’s the air and I’m the balloon. We ebb and flow between effort and ease. We dream and then think about the details. We manifest and then we work hard. It started to become more clear, things fell into place, we surrendered to the unknown and people, opportunities and ideas magnetized to us. Millions of micro-moments of learning to surf these new waves (literally too!) led us, breath by breath to RYME.

We created and led our first RYME retreat in January 2022. Long story short, everyone had goosebumps for a week. It all made sense now. Why we both ended up randomly alone in Portugal back in 2019. It was for this. It’s because we need to RYME. To be together, in harmony, learning and sharing with everyone who crosses our paths. With you. Thank you for being here. For being a part of our story.

We are thrilled you’re here to RYME with us.

To hear more about our founders journey, tune-in to this episode on our Let's Ryme Baby podcast.

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