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Audio Recording // RYME TRUST album (3 tracks)

Audio Recording // RYME TRUST album (3 tracks)

The RYME philosophy supports the idea of wholeness and believes that we already have everything we need inside of us. The RYME recordings are designed to contribute to your journey of self discovery and connection with flow. All of the recordings offer unique soundscapes to create more space in your body and mind for your authentic self to expand. 


Every recording has a harmonious fusion of medicinal movement, hypnotherapeutic guidance and supportive melodies connected to different themes and frequencies. 


The goal of the RYME recordings is to offer a wholesome and holistic journey that is accessible and practical. The auditory landscape is designed with different frequencies to support your space with more comfort and ease, enhance your experience, to move and release where needed, and to lift and expand. 


You will hear the voices of RYME co-founders, the duo facilitators, Hanna and Loes,  as they guide you through the various modalities described above.   



RYME Trust// Connect recording focuses on your existing pathways to the trust which live inside your subconscious system. 


Through RYME medicinal movement you will connect with your body on a deeper level, opening the body gently and softly. The soundscape is designed to support this connection with self as you move. 


This connection enhances your ability to surrender to the hypnosis where you explore the existing connection to trust you have with yourself. It will enhance the neural pathways to trust, all while dropping into the intentional and supportive frequencies of the music under the voices. 


The recording provided a grounded feeling of trust, space and peace. 


RYME Trust// Release recording focuses on the emotional (unconscious) blocks you might embody which are in the way of experiencing or enhancing your trust in your daily life. 


Through RYME medicinal movement you will connect and soften your body to be able to allow the blocked emotions to come up. The soundscape supports your connection with self and creates a deeper sense of safety in the body, for an easier and softer release later on. 


You are able to permanently and effectively release emotions and rewrite your patterns with the combination of bilateral sonic sensory, supportive frequencies and somatic release guidance, which you will experience throughout the track. 


The recording provided a deep sense of connection to self and emotional spaciousness and release. 


The RYME Trust// Enhance recording is designed to effectively connect you to your trust and enhance the feeling that is already there, using effective body postures to move your nervous system into a state of confidence and connection. 


The soundscape is designed to guide you into your feelings of trust and ease. Through embodied movement and visualization, you will connect with the existing pathways to trust and enhance your neural networks. 


The recording enhances your experience of trust in an effective and practical way. 


Please use headphones for this recording. There will be components of movement, standing, sitting and lying down throughout these recordings. Please be sure you are in a safe space before beginning. 

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