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We believe you already have everything you need inside of you. Our experiences are about connecting with your inner world, through outside elements so that you can move through life with more purpose and ease. Our practices are designed for you to get closer to this internal space, to understand it and learn how to live from it with true authenticity.

To harmonize the melody of your being.

We teach & learn about our body’s navigational maps, to understand deeply how our systems work. We focus on what we can accept & embrace.


We learn to recycle our mindset about old patterns, ways of being, ideas… and use simple, science-based practices to guide that wisdom into our presence. We use the elements of nature to get in tune with our own natural ways of being.



we look forward to RYMING with you



Co-Founder & Experience Facilitator

Hanna has practiced and studied yoga for the last 15 years. This strong foundation, combined with her training and her experiences leads her to offer creative, safe, supportive, and balanced classes accessible to all levels.


She reads the energy of the group and builds the asana sequence around what is needed, in each moment. This unique style and skill leaves everyone feeling like they had space to deepen, grow, connect & explore. Hanna combines & balances the ancient yogic teachings with 'modern day' science-based practices through yoga, mindfulness and breath practice.

She has led a yoga retreat in Greece and taught yoga in various countries & settings over the years. Additionally, she is studying yoga therapy to continue exploring her intuitive curiosities around the connection between the body, heart and mind.


Co-Founder & Experience Facilitator

Loes has counselled people from all walks of life for the past 17 years in various therapeutic settings. Her own life experiences and her education lead her to explore creative ways to mentor others on their path of self discovery where connection is key.

She walks side by side with her clients, understanding the inner map of the physical system, learning how to navigate and to connect with the baseline of their being: finding purpose, strength and love within.

Blending her knowledge and intuition with various modalities such as hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, regression therapy, family constellation and meditation, Loes has developed an effective way to teach others to become more in sync with the rhythm of their natural self.



Justin is a food & beverage director & private chef with over 15 years of experience in a large variety of restaurants, cafes, retreats and event spaces in multiple countries.


With a broad scope of focus steeped in the need for holistic vision, he creates food with a sense of place that is just as beautiful on the plate as it is good for the body. He is the definition of RYMING with food! His concepts and thematic dinners nurture connection, growth, and expansion.


Justin loves cooking food because of how it brings him closer to nature. He loves making food that’s easy to accept - comfortable and familiar for people - but using wild or unexpected healing ingredients.


He wants people to care about eating, and about themselves and the world they live in. And through his gift of RYMING with food, he brings presence back into that part of life. It is the way to give respect to yourself, the food, the people that grew it, and every part of the chain that it came from. Presence, respect, joy. Repeat.

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