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RYME DUO - Integrative Self Exploration


"DUO acknowledges both us as a team and also our unique way of uniting our respective backgrounds and passions to co-create meaningful connections around the world."
RYME Hanna and Loes

Sometimes in life, people are just destined to meet - the stars align, energy attracts, and worlds collide.

That’s exactly how big it felt when we met each other in 2019. We were both reading Joe Dispenza’s book. We were both solo traveling in Portugal. We were both taking a break from our lives to explore what it felt like to really trust ourselves. We were both feeling pulled into directions in our lives but were also still completing past cycles. 

Fast forward to February of 2021, when we met again, in the jungle of Costa Rica- where RYME came into fruition, and we created an actual framework for our dream as a duo... Millions of micro-moments of learning to surf new waves (literally!) led us, breath by breath to RYME - integrative self exploration.




Co-Founder, Medicinal Movement Facilitator

traveler // learner // community space holder // surfer // dreamer // doer

anna sold everything and moved to Costa Rica late 2020 where she and bestie Loes, created and co-founded RYME which stands for recycle your mindset experiences. 

Hi, I'm Hanna. 

My road to RYME has been paved with years of both formal and informal education and experience. I have been a student of yoga for over 16 years, and have been guiding others in this divine practice for nearly ten of them.


Prior to RYME, I served my South Carolina community as a public school teacher. After leaving the classroom, I received my Masters in Education- my thesis was on the neuroscience of mindfulness for school teacher’s. Once I completed my graduate studies, I founded my own education consulting company that created & led neuroscience-based mindfulness workshops for schools and districts around the United States. 


I sold everything and moved to Costa Rica late 2020 to create and co-found RYME with Loes. With wholeness as the core pillar of RYME, I explores and creates space for others to dive into wholeness through breath, movement, energy flow, music + togetherness. 

I am certified in YTT (yoga teacher training) and reiki healing.




Co-Founder, Psycho-spiritual Facilitator

intellectual // reflective conversationalist guide // energy mover // explorer

anna sold everything and moved to Costa Rica late 2020 where she and bestie Loes, created and co-founded RYME which stands for recycle your mindset experiences. 

Hey, I'm Loes. 

I have been counseling individuals of all backgrounds in a therapeutic setting for nearly two decades as both a formally trained social worker & certified practitioner. In 2015, after a period of extensive world travel, I founded my own mental health practice that specialized in bringing the polyvagal theory of nervous system regulation to social workers and mental health care institutions.


I cofounded RYME with Hanna in 2020 to use my extensive knowledge, life experience and intuition with various modalities- such as hypnotherapy, neurolinguistic programming, EMDR, regression therapy, family constellation and meditation- to guide others into wholeness. I have developed a proprietary and effective way to teach others to become more in sync with the rhythm of their natural self.


​I am certified in Human universal energy, lifestyle & vitality coaching,

EMDR, Hypnotherapy, Timeline (regression) therapy, Family constellation, and Neuro-linguistic programming.


Ready to invest in self exploration?
Join one of our private DUO Coaching Programs!

We at RYME firmly believe that you are a whole being. We only need to uncover your wholeness- discover it, understand it, tap into it, use it in a constructive way that supports your dreams, passions & lifestyle.

Imagine that you can tap into this infinite source of your own magic right now. How would your life look different?

Through RYME duo coaching you will experience the ebb & flow, the yin & yang, the RYME of working directly with us. Our private coaching programs are very personalized to you and your specific needs, and may include: medicinal movement, breath work, awareness practices, energy work, EMDR, hypnotherapy, blockage release, reflective conversation.


  • You are seeking personalized support + accountability 

  • You enjoy being seen in your presence 

  • You lose your way without a clear structured frame, without guided support

  • You are ready to explore offerings that work - science-based, ancient spiritual roots, doing what works, easy, fun, authentic 

  • You relate to realness  

  • You need accessible + effective conversation, strategy + practices

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