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*early bird pricing re-opened Dec 26-31



Feb 3-9, 2024

Welcome to our enchanting surf and yoga retreat nestled in the breathtaking landscapes of Dominical, Costa Rica. Prepare to surrender to the rhythmic waves as you experience the ocean and all of her teachings. Whether it's through surf, play, floating or even dipping your toe, you will feel a profound connection with the vibrant ocean and her mirrors to our patterns. Through transformative yoga practices, learn to trust the unfolding of life's journey, all while enjoying the lush surroundings of the jungle. Engage in vibrant cultural experiences, savoring the flavors of local Costa Rican cuisine, and forge deep connections with a community of kindred spirits seeking meaning and growth. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where softening and slowing to the allure of Costa Rica becomes a pathway to trust amidst this tropical haven.

Learn more about why a RYME retreat is unique here.

This retreat is for you if // 

you're a busy individual seeking much-needed space, craving a tranquil and nature-forward reconnection with self.


Indulge in our holistic retreat, where relaxation and immersion in natural beauty take center stage. Imagine unwinding amidst breathtaking landscapes, surrounded by the soothing sounds of nature. Recharge with medicinal movement yoga sessions, find solace in the embrace of serene environments, and rediscover your inner harmony. Join us on this rejuvenating journey, tailored specifically for busy souls seeking respite, and let the wonders of nature restore your spirit and replenish your energy. Our mindful bend of modalities is designed to give you exactly what you need to reconnect, recycle, and RYME with your life. 


The focus of this retreat is
light work and deep play

we will focus our modalities on creating space for ourselves to explore our inner world, recycle old beliefs, play with patterns and expand with ease



We are intentionally creating a strong framework for this experience for you to feel held and seen as you explore your most inner, sacred self. We are committed to being 100% present with you along your journey with us before, during and after the retreat.

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We want to recognize and harmonize all the parts of ourselves - starting with our inner child. We will play and enjoy simple moments, enhancing our awe. Deep work can feel lighter when we invite playfulness. 



Whether it means diving into biology, intergenerational patterns, or our subconscious mind, we will explore all the parts of our wholeness, and the enjoy the vast layers of our experiences 

Once RYMERS finish one retreat, they immediately book another! 

"I just want to say that Hanna and Loes are magic"

Unlike other wellness retreats, with RYME, your journey begins before you show up //

Through our unique approach, we get to know you before you arrive, support you personally during the retreat, and provide you ongoing guidance as you reintegrate into your post-retreat routine.


Pre Retreat

Before the retreat begins, we assess your needs through 2 RYME calls and a RYME baseline form. This helps us to create a customized plan for the group, moving with everyone's energy and flow.


Once you book your spot, you will receive access to pre-retreat learning and training materials that will help prime your brain and body for your RYME retreat adventure!


During Retreat

During the retreat, you will experience 100% presence from Hanna & Loes in a safe and serene setting, option for one-on-one sessions, a variety of therapeutic modalities (listed below) and a true sense of connection & community.

Modalities include, but are not limited to: yoga, meditation, nervous system regulation practices, awareness practices, energy work, EMDR session, regression therapy


Post Retreat

Post retreat, we stay in community (virtually) and support your re-integration through 2 RYME more calls and continued access to our online community.

Leaving a transformational experience and re-entering your routine may feel like a "come down," but it doesn't have to! We support you every step of this journey to ensure your sense of wholeness remains connected.

To learn more about the RYME retreat modalities and how our founders dance with them, click here.

join us in the jungle

The RYME Retreat

flow (schedule)

We intentionally create spaciousness in our programs. 

Here’s why- 


One of the main reasons people join a RYME retreat is because of a desire to recycle unsupportive patterns into supportive ones. To become aware of those patterns, sometimes we need to dive into the unknown a little bit. Shake things up. See a different point of view, Create space and release tension. Open up the body and mind. 

Because of our personalized and intentional intake process, we will know you and your needs before you arrive to your RYME retreat. The information you share with us during your intake process allows us to move with your energy and the energy of the group, in each moment. We all are a mosaic of our past experiences (and of our ancestors). Each group will influence each other and a dynamic will unfold naturally. And for us to be present with that beautiful unfolding, we create wide open spaces (with intentional behind the scenes frameworks) for you to fall into trust and truly embody RYME.  

When you are able to trust yourself, to move with your energy and to understand your needs in each moment,  the more you are able to adjust your reactions with the outside world with more ease and soft knees. 

To learn more about the (flowy) RYME way of doing things, read on here!


I'm ready to book...
Now what?

You might notice when you click our retreat book now buttons, you're directed to a retreat deposit page for $250. This (refundable) deposit reserves your spot for up to one week! Once you pay your deposit at check out, you will receive an email with further instructions to schedule a 1:1 call with us- the RYME founders, Hanna & Loes.


This is a super intentional part of the RYME retreat process. We want to meet you, understand your process and see how we can RYME together. The energy of the group is intimate and important, so we like to start your journey here. 

Your free 15 min RYME call allows us to: 

  • see you, hear you, feel you

  • explain our unique 3 part program + RYME modalities 

  • guide you to choose the retreat that RYMES with you

  • create space for you to ask any questions

After your call, we will get you all set up and officially RYMING! Don't worry, your $250 will be deducted from your total! 

Get excited with this video from one of our past RYME retreats!