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Private DUO Coaching

The time to choose yourself is always now. 

Be guided into wholeness with RYME founders Hanna and Loes through personalized DUO Coaching. This option is perfect for those who are seeking a comprehensive holistic wellness experience with 1-1 support through experiencing our RYME modalities. 

We at RYME firmly believe that you are a whole being. We only need to uncover your wholeness- discover it, understand it, tap into it, use it in a constructive way that supports your dreams, passions & lifestyle.

Imagine that you can tap into this infinite source of your own magic right now. How would your life look different?

Through RYME duo coaching, you will experience the ebb & flow, the yin & yang, the RYME of working directly with us. Our private coaching programs are very personalized to you and your specific needs, and may include: medicinal movement, breath work, awareness practices, energy work, EMDR, hypnotherapy, blockage release, reflective conversation.

Private DUO coaching is for you if

  • You are seeking personalized support and accountability 

  • You enjoy being seen in your presence 

  • You lose your way without a clear structured frame, without guided support

  • You are ready to explore offerings that work - science-based, ancient spiritual roots, doing what works, easy, fun, authentic 

  • You relate to realness  

  • You need accessible & effective conversation, strategy and practices

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