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Not sure if RYME is right for you? This is the perfect package to get to know the duo and how we can best support you!


The RYME intake package includes everything you need to get started with your RYME journey: 


- RYME intake form to fill out before our meeting 

- 1 RYME call with Hanna (medicinal movement, breath, nervous system reg) 

- 1 RYME call with Loes (EMDR, psycho-spiritual guidance, hypnotherapy) 


 In order to start our process with you, we need to get to know you. This is an essential part of our programming, where we get to know you, your patterns, beliefs, stuckness, system, energy, intentions, and much, much more. We will listen to you and feel you, to understand how we can best support you within a RYME coaching program. Our programs are always personalized and unique, based on what you share with us during this intake process. 


This is the first step in your process with us. Once you complete the RYME mini, we will recommend a RYME coaching or retreat program for you, if you decide to move forward in working with us. 




  • Constant and reliable support + guidance  

  • Personalized practices and teachings 

  • Space to take care of yourself 

  • Getting to know your system with depth and understanding 

  • Live & recorded (optionally) materials 

  • Effective conversation + coaching 

  • Modalities that are proven to work // science based, ancient roots

  • Doing what works // it's easy, fun & real

  • A safe framework for deep play and light work


Through RYME, you will experience the ebb and flow, the yin and yang, the RYME of working with the duo - Hanna & Loes. Private Duo Coaching programs are curated specifically for you and your needs, and may include: medicinal movement, breath work, awareness practices, energy work, EMDR, hypnotherapy, blockage release, reflective conversation. 


Let's RYME Baby!

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