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The time to choose yourself is always now.


This program includes 4 virtual sessions: 2 somatic movement sessions with Hanna and 2 EMDR  sessions with Loes. Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes. 


** If you have not previously done the RYME mini (2 call package) you will also receive and fill out our RYME baseline form 


Note: once you purchase your private coaching program here, you will receive an email with follow-up instructions for booking your sessions. 




Our 'Effective Release' coaching package integrates the magic of EMDR and somatic movement. Tailored for individuals yearning for permanent emotional freedom, this journey focuses on unlocking deep-seated issues. Experience a unique blend EMDR's targeted approach supported by somatic movement for mind-body connection to facilitate long-lasting release.


For those who need direction and or guidance with:


  • Finding ways to permanent release, providing enduring emotional freedom
  • Receiving personalized strategies that address specific emotional challenges 
  • Learning and applying effective techniques for releasing emotional blocks, allowing them to navigate their life with more ease and awareness


Through RYME duo coaching you will experience the ebb and flow, the yin and yang, the RYME of working with the duo- Hanna & loes. Each Private Duo Coaching program are curated specifically for you and your needs, and may include: medicinal movement, breath work, awareness practices, energy work, EMDR, hypnotherapy, blockage release, reflective conversation. 


Let's RYME Baby!

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