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The time to choose yourself is always now.


We recommend this program for individuals seeking a deeper personalized path to wholeness. You can book the virtual sessions at whatever times and frequencies are most convenient to you and your journey within a 3 month time frame.


This program includes 6 virtual sessions:

3 medicinal movement sessions with Hanna

3 psycho-spirital therapy sessions with Loes.

** If you have not previously done the RYME mini (2 call package) you will also receive and fill out our RYME baseline form 


Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes, and post-session microcoaching and encouragement is available from both Hanna & Loes via text. 


Note: once you purchase your private coaching program here, you will receive both a PDF download and an email with follow-up instructions for booking your sessions. 




  • Constant and reliable support + guidance  

  • Personalized practices and teachings 

  • Space to take care of yourself 

  • Getting to know your system with depth and understanding 

  • Live & recorded (optionally) materials 

  • Effective conversation + coaching 

  • Modalities that are proven to work // science based, ancient roots

  • Doing what works // it's easy, fun & real

  • A safe framework for deep play and light work



Through RYME duo coaching you will experience the ebb and flow, the yin and yang, the RYME of working with the duo- Hanna & loes. Each Private Duo Coaching program are curated specifically for you and your needs, and may include: medicinal movement, breath work, awareness practices, energy work, EMDR, hypnotherapy, blockage release, reflective conversation. 


Let's RYME Baby!

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