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Audio Recording // Trust Release

Audio Recording // Trust Release

RYME Trust// Release recording focuses on the emotional (unconscious) blocks you might embody which are in the way of experiencing or enhancing your trust in your daily life. 


Through RYME medicinal movement you will connect and soften your body to be able to allow the blocked emotions to come up. The soundscape supports your connection with self and creates a deeper sense of safety in the body, for an easier and softer release later on. 


You are able to permanently and effectively release emotions and rewrite your patterns with the combination of bilateral sonic sensory, supportive frequencies and somatic release guidance, which you will experience throughout the track. 


Please use headphones for this recording. There will be components of movement, standing, sitting and lying down throughout these recordings. Please be sure you are in a safe space before beginning.

    $14.99 Regular Price
    $9.99Sale Price
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