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Finding Clarity & Connection in Portugal: A reflective excerpt from a past RYMER.

by Danielle Cullivan

In this powerful RYME wellness retreat, I discovered the importance of

making space for joy, embracing change, and prioritizing well-being.

A Much-Needed Reset

Little did I know, the retreat was more than just yoga. RYME incorporates

multiple wellness modalities–yoga, meditation, acupuncture, energy

awareness, and hypnotherapy–all to provide that much-needed reset.

RYME was founded by two remarkable women–each specializing in a

unique wellness area. Hanna is the medicinal movement facilitator, and

Loes focuses on mindfulness and other healing modalities. They work

together with each one individually–meeting you where you are in life, at

any level of practice. Although I was new to yoga, I enjoyed the yoga

practice since it was tailored to each person’s comfort level. Each session

included discussion and insights from Yung Pueblo’s book, Clarity and

Connection, further facilitating that deep inner work.

This truly was a holistic experience, and they made every little detail


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