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march 10-15 / costa rica

On this unique retreat, we are collaborating with Allie Mason of REVIVAL RITUALS to curate a special experience exploring your inner + outer landscapes. 

Live in sync with your natural surroundings and biological cycles to experience greater life alignment. Using observation practices and the application of biomimicry we will explore and develop a rhythm, schedule, and lifestyle where you become another member of the ecosystem. You will be RYMING with the rhythms and cycles of your inner and outer worlds.



We will grow our awareness around the natural and biological cycles in our outer world and how those cycles influence our inner world. We will become deep observers + inquirers. 



We will learn + practice modalities to regulate + nourish our nervous systems, tune in to our needs and harmonize with the rhythms around us. Intelligence + intuition will guide us. 



We will create space for ourselves and deeply explore our inner landscape as we enjoy and embrace our connection within the greater networks of our ecological community. 

In this special collaborative retreat, we will RYME with Allie Mason of Revival Rituals to curate this unique experience. The modalities + rituals we will offer on retreat will RYME mind, body and breath. We will slow down and come into stillness to connect with the earth and her cycles; and align our body's rhythms and our life's patterns as sacred and savory experiences. This retreat will begin with a RYME call, where we get to know you before you arrive and we assess your needs. This helps us to create a customized plan for the group, moving with everyone's energy and flow.  Once you sign up, you will receive access to our special RYMING WITH RHYTHMS online course to begin learning about your body, and it's navigational maps & cycles. You will have access to meditations & journaling to prime your brain and body for the retreat. Before you travel, we will also have one group call, for you to meet you fellow retreaters! During the retreat, you will experience 100% presence from us, option for one on one sessions, a variety of therapeutic modalities from all 3 faciliators while enjoying a true sense of connection & community. Post retreat, we will stay in community (virtually) and support your re-integration through one group call and continued access to our online community.

our past RYMERS say...

“RYME is unique because Hanna and Loes have this magical way of using nature, flow, and energy to connect to what your soul needs (even if you don’t consciously know it at the time). And months down the road, you remember your RYME foundation and thing: “It was exactly what I needed.” 


lean more

our retreat program has three parts 


before you arrive you will receive: 


  • ​1 RYME call with Loes​

  • 1 group call via our online platform 

  • RYME + RR baseline form

  • RYME + RR basics course (online) teaching you all about your nervous system, the breath, body basics, and introductory knowledge to biorhythmic living 


continued support through: 

  • 1 group call via our online platform 

  • access to our online community 


you will experience, on retreat: 


  • yoga

  • meditation 

  • hypnotherapy 

  • family constellation 

  • energy work / reiki 

  • forest bathing 

  • yoga nidra 

  • pattern play / art therapy 

  • tea ceremony 

  • 5 nights at the beautiful eco lodge + retreat center,  Cascada Elysiana 

  • 3 meals nourishing meals a day 

morning yoga

guided meditation


morning workshop: guided jungle walk 


afternoon experience: timeline therapy / hypnotherapy + reflection 

natural clay mask 



tea + optional group conversation / reflection 

3 part program // investment options 

before jan 1 

  • shared room $2600 (each) make a new friend

  • double room $2800 (each) come with a friend

  • solo private room / casita $3400

after jan 1 

  • shared room $2800 (each) make a new friend

  • double room $3000 (each) come with a friend

  • solo private room / casita $3600

**payments plans available, please inquire for more info

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