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RYME Coaching 


Explore yourself through our holistic coaching programs, personalized for your release + transformation 

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RYME firmly believes that you are already a whole being.

We only need to explore your wholeness to understand your system, tap into your energy and use it in an effective way that supports your dreams, passions & lifestyle.


Learn more about us, our respective backgrounds, and our intentional founding story here!

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Your RYME team: Loes & Hanna


Our world is filled with endless stimulation for our nervous systems - from digital inputs to surmounting professional pressure all while maintaining healthy relationships with ourselves and loved ones. Traditional therapy tends to address these growing challenges with single-sided solutions; through RYME, we approach wellness differently - with unique holistic programming curated to meet you exactly where you are in your journey to embrace and embody wholeness .

Each personalized DUO coaching program is designed to create mental, emotional, and physical space to release and create new and supportive pathways for self-regulation and self-management, enhancing the ability to navigate life more easily and harmoniously.

RYME is not about being perfect, it is about embracing what is true for you in every moment. This is why we offer long term solutions and RYME supports you along this journey of self realization.

does this sound like you?

You know you are here to create more ease and space in your life, however...
  • You often feel out of connection to yourself

  • You experience barriers in making and sustaining meaningful relationships

  • You deal with a head full of thoughts 

  • You react to triggers and hold onto negative thoughts and emotions

  • You experience unhealthy habits, unsupportive belief systems and energetic blocks 

  • You have staying in balance with giving and receiving 

  • You are seeking safe + personalized guidance to discover your purpose 

RYME coaching programs offer:
  • support for self-discovery and connection

  • building a strong foundation for understanding your nervous system 

  • embracing your true identity

  • equipping you with tools for effective emotional regulation

  • harmonizing your relationships with others

  • navigating thoughts and emotions with ease

  • responding versus reacting 

  • balancing giving and receiving in relationships

  • learning to manage your energy effectively 

  • exploring inter-generational patterns and their influence on behaviors and beliefs

  • repurposing patterns into supportive systems aligned with your wholeness

What is true will remain.


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coaching packages

each package includes highly personalized & private coaching with RYME founders: Hanna & Loes. 


Not sure about about diving into coaching yet? Try our RYME recording, on the house! 

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