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RYME online is perfect for someone who is curious about or committed to exploring light, playful inner work supported & inspired by community. 


This online community draws curious and connected individuals who are open for an energetic exchange & invested in growing together. If you are just starting your journey of self care, RYME Online is a way to begin to create space for this work. 


This online program is a framework to explore themes to harmonize your journey through support from Hanna & Loes and the RYME online community. Through monthly RYME offerings from us, you will learn on your own time, with ease. Our program provides monthly resources to keep your inner work alive & present. These resources will become lifelong tools to support you to RYME with your life. 


Each month, experience a RYME theme threaded through a yoga class, a meditation and an assignment. The yoga & meditation classes will be recorded once a month and access will stay open for the whole month. Repeat & enjoy as many times as you’d like. Permanence takes practice. Expect to recycle the themes, as we are always learning. Teachings show up again & again so that we stay open, constantly listening & learning. 

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