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We combine and simplify science-based practices with ancient wisdom traditions allowing you to get in sync with mind & body. We explore going back to your baseline by regulating your nervous system and (re)embracing your wholeness.

RYMING is learning from each other. Through a playful range of modalities we exchange energy & information. We believe everyone has something to bring to share & we look forward learning alongside you.


In our classic group experiences, we take you through a 6 week program designed for you to learn and embody how your systems work. To RYME is to experience an intentional interaction with flow, so we lay the foundation for an intentional experience as soon as you sign up. 


We start with getting to know you through our RYME baseline calls & RYME baseline form. These tools support us to understand your needs & how you want to RYME with your life. You also receive access to our RYME basics (online) course, which we created to share simple science behind our RYME modalities. As you go through the course, you will watch videos (created by us) which weave through themes we discuss and practice together. You will also receive meditations, journal prompts & simple practices to prime your system for our retreat. As you learn to RYME, it is important to learn the influence you have over your systems. 


Once you arrive to us, we really get into experiencing our flow. We spend our time together practicing RYME modalities in order to embody the learning that we started. We play with our connection to ourselves and to each other, within community. And we experience energetic exchange and grow our awareness around how simple it can be to experience flow in our interactions, both within ourselves and and with the outside world. We learn to recycle our mindset about old patterns, ways of being, ideas… and invite the modalities to guide our knowledge into wisdom through practice. Wherever we are RYMING, we use the elements of nature to get in tune with our own natural ways of being.


Our retreat spaces are always a RYME of authentic, natural beauty & safe, quality comfort.

You have a pick of a shared or private room and of course, we include three nourishing, locally sourced meals a day. 


We don’t have a daily schedule because we move with the energy of the group. We carefully craft the week behind the scenes with themes, practices, connections & modalities based on your individual needs & the needs of the group. Expect to experience yoga, meditation, ocean therapy, group conversation, energy work & play and know that you always have the option for more. We are here for you. During our time together, you always have the option for 1-1 sessions with us. Further offerings include, talk therapy, hypnotherapy, family constellations, reiki & more. 


Once you leave us, your experience with us isn’t over! We continue to support your journey by following up with 2 RYME reintegration calls. This important part of the program is designed to create ease as you recycle, shift & reintegrate. Through our support, you can share about your re-entry, ask questions & receive practices to keep your transition smooth. Additionally, you will have access to an online community where you can keep in touch and share your experiences with our larger network of RYMERS. 

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Our group's energy is so important to the experience. Our retreats are authentic and intimate (10 people or less) so we like to meet you, learn about what you are looking for & be sure that what we offer RYMES with you. 

 Please fill out the form below and we will set up a call ASAP. 

We need your energy in our next group experience. 

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Thank you for contacting us, we'll be in touch soon.

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