RYME WITH US // a group experience 



it's more than your typical retreat ... 



Our concept is about using what you already have inside. It is about connecting with your inner world, through outside elements & the RYME modalities.


Our practices are designed for you to get closer to this internal space, to understand it and learn how to live from it with true authenticity.


We teach & learn about our body’s navigational maps, to understand deeply how our systems work. We focus on what we can accept, embrace and release.


We learn to recycle our mindset about old patterns, ways of being, ideas… and use the RYME modalities to guide that wisdom into our presence.


Light work and deep play in community, creates a space for true connecting, support and learning.



We combine and simplify science-based practices with ancient wisdom traditions allowing you to get in sync with mind & body. We explore going back to your baseline by regulating your nervous system and (re)embracing your wholeness.

RYMING is learning from each other. Through a playful range of modalities we exchange energy & information. We believe everyone has something to bring to share & we look forward learning alongside you.



Through our unique approach, we get to know you before you arrive and we assess your needs through 2 RYME calls, and a RYME baseline form. This helps us to create a customized plan for the group, moving with everyone's energy and flow. 


Once you sign up, you will receive access to our online course to learn all about your body, and it's navigational maps & experience meditations & journaling to prime your brain and body for the retreat.


During the retreat, you will experience 100% presence from us, option for one on one sessions, a variety of therapeutic modalities and a true sense of connection & community.


Post retreat, we stay in community (virtually) and support your re-integration through 2 RYME more calls and continued access to our online community.



Our experiences are more than a typical week long retreat. Learn more about the breakdown of our 6-week program here. 

Investment options:

before nov 1 //

  • shared casita $2800 (each) make a new friend

  • double casita $3000 (each) come with a friend

  • solo private casita $3900

after nov 1  //

  • shared casita $3300 (each) make a new friend

  • double casita $3500 (each) come with a friend

  • solo private casita $4400

**payments plans available, please inquire for more info

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1-1 RYME support

We feel that it is important you're fully seen and  supported during your therapeutic experience.


Not only do you get 1-1 calls before & after your retreat (included in the price) but during the onsite time together, just ask and you shall receive. We are here for you & are ready to schedule some time 1-1 for whatever may be supportive to you.