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On this track, we focused on using the medicinal frequency 528hz. This Solfeggio frequency is known for its power in connecting the listener to the Wholeness especially through a deep connection with the Sun (vibrating at 528hz).


During the medicinal movement, we’re using Theta Binaural beats to increase deep meditation, creativity and flow states, perfectly connecting to Hanna’s flow guidance.


We increase this brain wave during the visualisation by applying the 528hz pulsing in a Bilateral way at a similar rate of Theta - encouraging & supporting EMDR therapy.


By the end of the visualisation, the 194.18hz frequency is slowly coming in, to bring the listener back to the Root Chakra and the frequency of the Earth (the 194.18hz frequency is directly connected to an Earthy day)


This track is at a tempo of 118 bpm being directly related to the Sun “tempo” - increasing our connection to its creative force.



“Release” sonic journey focuses on the healing frequency 396hz. This Solfeggio frequency helps release fear, guilt and trauma. It vibrates in such ways that it the listener to access to internal knowledge and it removes subconscious negative beliefs that may be obstacles to peace. The 396 Solfeggio is used as a means of grounding, awakening & returning to “reality”.


The medicinal movement therapy is supported by Delta binaural beats used to increase healing in the body and deep relaxation. Later on the binaural beats are transformed into Bilateral Beats to support the EMDR treatment. The bilateral beats pulses at a similar rate of Delta brain wave increasing the relaxation states and the detachment from the external awareness.


While the key of this track is F, being the 4th note of the scale and being in connection with the fourth Chakra - Heart Chakra - , the tempo is 91.00 bpm known itself for being in direct connection with the Root Chakra and the Earthly Day rhythm rhyming with the medicinal power of notification.



In this track we find an extensive use of the Solfeggio Frequency which is directly connected with the Heart Chakra.


The use of the Solfeggio frequency enhances connexions (interrelation, inner relation, neuronal), equilibrium, facilitate the unification of opposites, encourage the cells to communicate with their environnement. It e harmonious communication, understanding, tolerance & love - with one self and with others.


During the visualisation, the Solfeggio frequency is being pulsed at the Gamma rate following the Isochronic Tones Technique. This wave entrains the brain to a Gamma State which promotes cognitive enhancement, heightened perception, and awareness. An overall higher states of consciousness perception. The Solfeggio frequency is also present during the medicinal movement, paired with a binaural beat at a Gamma rate.


The general track is at a tempo of 63.80 bpm being directly related to the Heart Chakra - this bpm is related to an Earthly Year encouraging equilibrium and renewal.


“RYME is unique because Hanna & Loes have this magical way of using nature, flow, and energy to connect to what your soul needs (even if you don’t consciously know it at the time).”


- Juli

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