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 dive into the subconscious // explore and expand your inner world 

sept 15-22 / portugal
*private room sold out / shared still available*

light work and deep play 

we will focus our modalities on creating space for ourselves to explore our inner world, recycle old beliefs, play with patterns and expand with ease



We are intentionally creating a strong  framework for this experience for you to feel held and seen as you explore your most inner, sacred self. We are committed to being 100% present with you along your journey with us before, during and after the retreat. 



We want to recognize and harmonize all the parts of ourselves - starting with our inner child. We will play and enjoy simple moments, enhancing our awe. Deep work can feel lighter when we invite playfulness. 

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Whether that is diving into biology, intergenerational patterns, or our subconscious mind, we will explore all the parts of our wholeness, and the enjoy the vast layers of our experiences 

Through our unique approach, we get to know you before you arrive and we assess your needs through 2 RYME calls, and a RYME baseline form. This helps us to create a customized plan for the group, moving with everyone's energy and flow.  Once you sign up, you will receive access to our online course to learn all about your body, and it's navigational maps & experience meditations & journaling to prime your brain and body for the retreat. During the retreat, you will experience 100% presence from us, option for one on one sessions, a variety of therapeutic modalities and a true sense of connection & community. Post retreat, we stay in community (virtually) and support your re-integration through 2 RYME more calls and continued access to our online community.

our past RYMERS say...

“RYME is unique because Hanna and Loes have this magical way of using nature, flow, and energy to connect to what your soul needs (even if you don’t consciously know it at the time). And months down the road, you remember your RYME foundation and thing: “It was exactly what I needed.” 


lean more

our retreat program has three parts 


before you arrive you will receive: 

  • ​1 RYME call with Loes​

  • 1 RYME call with Hanna

  • 1 virtual EMDR session (optional)

  • RYME baseline form

  • RYME basics course (online) teaching you all about your nervous system, the breath, body basics


continued support through: 

  • 1 RYME call with Loes

  • 1 RYME call with Hanna 

  • access to our online community to stay in touch with your RYME family 


you will experience, on retreat: 

  • yoga

  • meditation 

  • nervous system regulation practices

  • awareness practices

  • energy work

  • EMDR session

  • regression therapy 

  • optional 1-1 sessions with Loes/ Hanna 

  • 6 nights at the beautiful property The One Country House

  • 3 meals nourishing meals a day 

i'm ready to book, what now? 

You might notice when you click book now buttons, you're directed to schedule a call with us. This is a super intentional part of our program. We want to meet you, understand your process and see how we can RYME together. The energy of the group is intimate and important so we like to meet start your journey here. 

Your free 15 min RYME call allows us to: 

  • see you, hear you, feel you

  • explain our unique 3 part program + RYME modalities 

  • guide you to choose the retreat that RYMES with you

  • creates space for you to ask any questions

3 part program // investment options

before march 1

  • shared room $3000 (each) make a new friend

  • double room $3200 (each) come with a friend

  • solo private room $4100

before june 1

  • shared room $3150(each) make a new friend

  • double room $3350 (each) come with a friend

  • solo private room $4250

after june 1

  • shared room $3300 (each) make a new friend

  • double room $3500 (each) come with a friend

  • solo private room $4400


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