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with each RYME recording ... 

experience a blend of somatic movement + hypno-therapeutic guidance supported by binaural beats to enhance your experience

RYME anytime, anywhere and experience an instant shift in your state of being

does this sound like you?

You want to experience more connection to your inner trust and ... 
  • You want to experience a taste of RYME

  • You often feel out of connection to yourself

  • You deal with a head full of thoughts 

  • You react to triggers and hold onto negative thoughts and emotions

  • You experience unhealthy habits, unsupportive belief systems and energetic blocks 

  • You are seeking safe + personalized guidance to enhance your trust

You'll discover the profound effects of these recordings extend far beyond cultivating trust. 

The goal of the RYME recordings is to offer a wholesome and holistic journey that is accessible and practical. The auditory landscape is designed with different frequencies to support your space with more comfort and ease, enhance your experience, to move and release where needed, and to lift and expand. 

You will hear the voices of RYME co-founders, the duo facilitators, Hanna and Loes,  as they guide you through the various modalities described above.    
The RYME philosophy supports the idea of wholeness and believes that we already have everything we need inside of us. The RYME recordings are designed to contribute to your journey of self discovery and connection with flow. All of the recordings offer unique soundscapes to create more space in your body and mind for your authentic self to expand. 

Every recording has a harmonious fusion of somatic movement, hypno-therapeutic guidance and supportive melodies connected to different themes and frequencies. 

Do you want to drop into to a supportive soundscape and connect to your inner trust? 

RYME firmly believes that you are already a whole being.

We only need to explore your wholeness to understand your system, tap into your energy and use it in an effective way that supports your dreams, passions & lifestyle.


Learn more about us, our respective backgrounds, and our intentional founding story here!

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the voices behind the recordings : Hanna & Loes

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