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Integrative Self Exploration.
RYME provides holistic mind & body programs to discover your whole body & mind.

RYME Integrative Self Exploration

RYME (v) - to authentically flow with all that is within and around you; to fully embody

RYME is a global provider of virtual & in-person holistic wellness experiences, including self-guided courses, private coaching, and surf & yoga retreats. Designed by our team of trained experts, our programs guide you out of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, stressed or under-stimulated and into an authentic place of complete connection.

This is what our founders lovingly refer to as the RYME state. RYME is short for "Recycle your Mindset Experiences," and everything we do is rooted in the belief that our minds deserve to exist in a space of clarity and connection. 


Each one of our comprehensive RYME wellness experiences integrates our founders' unique combination of wellness modalities - such as yoga, meditation, hypnotherapy, family constellation, EMDR, energy awareness, and water therapy - to provide you the framework and the encouragement necessary to guide you into the RYME state.

To learn more about what each of these modalities is and how our founders integrate them into RYME, click here.

RYME Integrative Self Exploration

"There is deep work to be done in all of us. RYME makes it happen by softly and gently leading you down the path. You will leave each session refreshed, empowered, and so much lighter in mind, body and spirit!"


Whether you are new to exploring your internal self or have been developing a practice for years, each of our offerings been curated to meet you exactly where you are in your inner discovery journey. 

All offerings are ideal for those who are ready to surrender, trust, and accept impermanence as a means of embodying connection. You may be going through a major life transition, experiencing pain and grief, seeking stress management and anxiety resources, entering or exiting a passionate relationship, or reaching a glaring "now what?"  moment in your life. Whatever you may be facing, our empathetic RYME team has developed our programs with utmost respect & gentleness.

RYME Integrative Self Exploration

Access virtual, theme-based  programming from anywhere in the world at anytime*


Recommended for all who are seeking accessible resources for internal discovery and/or exploring the RYME style

*Our most convenient and affordable option

RYME Integrative Self Exploration

Join the RYME team for a transformative, community-forward yoga & surf* retreat adventure of a lifetime!

Recommended for 

those seeking a meaningful and connective multi-day experience!

*Surfing available at select locations

RYME Integrative Self Exploration

Enroll in virtual 1:1 programming directly with Hanna and Loes* 

Recommended for those who have attended a retreat or completed the free trial offer and are ready to invest in a deeper discovery

*1:1 Programs are custom built. Limited Availability

RYME Integrative Self Exploration
RYME Integrative Self Exploration

Our paths divinely crossed while solo traveling in Portugal back in 2019, and by January 2022, we had created and led the first ever RYME retreat. During that retreat experience, we realized that we were living out our divine purpose: learning and sharing wholeness with everyone who crosses our paths. With you.

Before founding RYME, Loes served her small Dutch community as a social worker, and Hanna, as a South Carolina school teacher. Both professions gave us the framework to explore empathy and connection with others, which ultimately helped us both make full transitions into the holistic wellness space. 


Thank you for being here. For being a part of our story. We are thrilled you’re here to RYME with us.

“RYME is unique because Hanna and Loes have this magical way of using nature, flow, and energy to connect to what your soul needs (even if you don’t consciously know it at the time).” 


RYME Integrative Self Exploration
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