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a RYME experience is a container for growth and connection 

we are coming to Charleston! 

Feelings of doubt, overwhelm and disconnection are normal when going through big, transformative growth-


We faced these challenges ourselves and experienced that managing and supporting our own growth can be a challenge.

To find a constructive way to study the science of self can be so overwhelming because of the complexity of our systems and also the endless possibilities of therapies, modalities, teachers and coaches. 

So we did the research. We experienced it, learned it, practiced and recycled it. 


And then we created RYME. 

Our modalities create spaces for what you need, in each moment.


We flow with your energy and as a group, we play together, learning and growing together. 


Through RYME you learn the dance of effort and ease. This means that you learn to connect with the natural flow of your system and adjust it to the energy of our surroundings. You will work with what you have, what is (in the moment) and where you want to go.

duo claire.jpeg

your RYME RESET retreat awaits

We shine lights of awareness on your wholeness.

We move with your energy so we stay present with you and your needs.

We are authentic and relatable, RYME is an extension of who we are, so it’s like we are inviting you into our own living room.

we need your beautiful energy in our RYME family 

If you have made it this far, you're ready to RYME.

You are responsible for your own life, invest in yourself is the gift that keeps on giving. RYME provides you a way for you to harmonize your system so you can finally do what you always wanted to do because you have more trust, more ease, more objectivity, clarity, more connection.

You are already whole. This is a life enhancing experience.

Life is short, so invest in your future: deeper connections and relationships with more ease, dream jobs and business opportunities, investments you always wanted, lifestyle choices you kept on postponing - it's already here. 


You deserve to RYME. 


Every time I RYME with Hanna and Loes, I leave feeling more uplifted, lighter and in flow with life. Not only do they provide a safe space where they listen and are authentically interested in your story and journey but they also provide tangible tools to work through deep rooted questions and feelings you may be facing. They are also such beauties to just be around and are super fun. They both practice what they preach! Absolutely love/loved RYMING with them!!!

Roopan G.