retreats include: 

  • 4 RYME coaching calls

  • yoga

  • meditation 

  • water therapy

  • community connection

  • nervous system regulation practices 

  • accommodation and food 

  • and more

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Dr. G

Every time I RYME with Hanna and Loes, I leave feeling more uplifted, lighter and in flow with life. Not only do they provide a safe space where they listen and are authentically interested in your story and journey but they also provide tangible tools to work through deep rooted questions and feelings you may be facing. 


"Hanna & Loes are magic, and the way that they hold and create space and environment of ease, love and warmth, growth. It was so profound for all of us. What a gift it was that all of us could share this time together."

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“RYME is unique because Hanna and Loes have this magical way of using nature, flow, and energy to connect to what your soul needs (even if you don’t consciously know it at the time). And months down the road, you remember your RYME foundation and thing: “It was exactly what I needed.” 

ryme results 

​you will: 

  • learn a deeper understanding of how your nervous system works and how to move with your rhythms

  • create mental space to understand what your body needs and wants from you

  • explore the ability to translate internal signals into conscious reactions + actions

  • work on transparent and effective communication (with yourself and others)

  • practice + improve interpersonal connections and interactions

this is for you if

you're looking for support in your learning process; we are with you every step of the way

you're ready for light work and deep play; our retreats are playful and also require commitment to growth 

you're ready to recycle old patterns and create space for newness; you will be optiminzing your life